Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My November 2011 Birthday!!!

My Birthday was AMAZING !!!
It all started when I got home from work. I received a package from my oldest sister, Leslie. It was a white jacket that I wanted to buy online but never got around it. Then I received a birthday card from my parents which I loved! When you open the card, it had the best beat ever that raps "Ice cream and cake, give me give me more, that ice cream cake..." All of us was having fun and we were just busting our moves to my birthday card.It's a classic Tesoro's reaction.  
Then of course my hairstylist, which is my wonderful little sister, Jansen did my hair for the night. I love it when she does my hair. She gives it with a little "Uphm" style in my hair that I can seem to execute by myself.
For my birthday celebration, we ended up going to Benihana at Irvine.

We got there and of course there was an hour wait, especially on a Friday night. That one hour wait didn't bother us at all. It didn't stop us from taking pictures with our camera.I love our camera! We took so much pictures it was ridiculously fun.

 The food was delicious! If you never been to Benihana I recommend going just to experience the whole vibe of the artistic style of a chef cooking right in front of you and amazingly the food is quite delicious.
Our Chef
Classic Mountain with smoke
Soup was amazing. Simple but delish.
Shrimp grilled to perfection :D
Fillet Mignon.
My Birthday did not stop here. The following day my birthday continued. Zachary spoiled me for my birthday and pretty much bought my whole wish list in Charlotte Russe. What?! I know right!, what a wonderful husband. Most of it of course are shoes and work clothes. Every girl should be happy when you receive shoes and especially clothes. :D

Shoes and the pant
more shoes
 I was thankful for all my presents and the delicious food, but the best part of my birthday was the opportunity to be able to spend it with my husband, brothers and sisters :D  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

December 31, 2011 the last day before a New Year of 2012 begins, ended a with great night. Zach and I had a couple of options of what we were going to do, but normally we like to stay mellow on New Year's Eve. Of course we planned on just staying home and just to make our homemade dinner, but after waking up from a great nap, our plans changed. In the end we decided to go to a restaurant that David & Ruth, our friends, introduced us to called the BBQ & Grill Woodranch Restaurant @ Irvine Spectrum. It's been by far our favorite restaurant now a days. Zach of course didn't really want to go because of the 30 to 45 minutes wait to be seated, especially on New Year's Eve. Well when we arrived, there was no wait and they were able to be seat us right away. From the "no wait" to start the great night it just got better. Basically, our last meal of the year was AMAZING! 
Our Delicious Meal: Beef Ribs, Half Chicken, BBQ Pulled Pork, Tri-Tip Steak with a side of Mac n' Cheese

Even our roomie, Jansen (my little sister) & Jevan (the boyfriend) joined us for dinner, but what's better is thanks to these two, dinner was on them. :D
 After dinner, we had to run to the store to complete a family tradition. On New Year's Eve we prepare a collection of 13 different kinds of round fruits into a bowl or basket, because my family has always believed that it will bring a fruitful new year. I always believe in continuing a family tradition! Every year after I gather the fruits into a bowl it always reminds me of: the many blessings that Zach and I have received, the love I receive everyday from my wonderful Husband, family & friends and a new year resolution to accomplish to start a fruitful year.
In the end, with sparkling apple and grape cider for a toast to the countdown to the New Year and Zach and I ended it with sweet kisses in our home. HHHAAPPPYYY NNNEEWWW YYEAARSS !!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Team Chef Steph & Jansen

So lately, I've been cooking a lot. I say "a lot" because normally I don't cook when I come home from working so late. This past couple of months I've been a good wife and been making some delicious meals. I actually love cooking especially baking, but I get so tired from work that I just don't have the energy to cook anything. The weather here has dropped to 50 degrees in the morning and at night. So, of course, with the weather change it affected me and I officially have a fever, a cold, and a cough. What would you want to eat when you are sick? SOUP!
So, tonight my sister, Jansen suggested to make baked potato soup. It sounded so good especially when you don't feel so well. I'd never made baked potato soup before, but Jansen found an easy and quick recipe (thanks to the internet), so to the store we go. We made the soup for the very first time and it turned out so delicious. It was perfect for a sick girl, like me, and wonderful to eat for a cold weather day.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Green Lantern loves him a Punk Lady

I love candies, chocolate, and specially dressing up and that's why I love Halloween. Unlike Zach, I always try to plan ahead. I had a couple of ideas of what I wanted to be for Halloween, but of course we didn't know what we really wanted to be until the day of the parties. I wanted to be creative and to try to make a costume of what I already have from my closet. I was either going to be a pirate again, since I already had the costume from 2 years ago, or a black cat. Instead we ended up going to Costume Castle right when I got home from work, and Zach and I found our fun costumes. 

Meet Green Lantern loves him a Punk Lady :D 

 My little sister, Jansen, she lives with me now, so she is like my personal hairstylist and this was one of her creations, a fohawk ! Isn't she awesome?!


 Let's just say we had a spooktacular weekend !

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello !!! We are the Hoffman Family!We both grew up and met in Las Vegas, NV and now reside in Orange County, California and absouletly love it! Zach and I started dating the year of 2004, married the year of 2007, and still feels like we are in the "dating stage."
I think for those who know us, would definitely agree that we are totally opposite but so much in love. Being married and living together is so much fun. You've heard of the phrase: "You learn something new everyday." Well marriage is another stage of that phrase, you learn something new everyday from each other. Zach and I might be opposite in personalities but it balances us out, and keeps our marriage so strong.
Anyways, I'm looking forward to sharing with you many memories/events in the past and in the present, by blogging and leave you with this quote: "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."