Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My November 2011 Birthday!!!

My Birthday was AMAZING !!!
It all started when I got home from work. I received a package from my oldest sister, Leslie. It was a white jacket that I wanted to buy online but never got around it. Then I received a birthday card from my parents which I loved! When you open the card, it had the best beat ever that raps "Ice cream and cake, give me give me more, that ice cream cake..." All of us was having fun and we were just busting our moves to my birthday card.It's a classic Tesoro's reaction.  
Then of course my hairstylist, which is my wonderful little sister, Jansen did my hair for the night. I love it when she does my hair. She gives it with a little "Uphm" style in my hair that I can seem to execute by myself.
For my birthday celebration, we ended up going to Benihana at Irvine.

We got there and of course there was an hour wait, especially on a Friday night. That one hour wait didn't bother us at all. It didn't stop us from taking pictures with our camera.I love our camera! We took so much pictures it was ridiculously fun.

 The food was delicious! If you never been to Benihana I recommend going just to experience the whole vibe of the artistic style of a chef cooking right in front of you and amazingly the food is quite delicious.
Our Chef
Classic Mountain with smoke
Soup was amazing. Simple but delish.
Shrimp grilled to perfection :D
Fillet Mignon.
My Birthday did not stop here. The following day my birthday continued. Zachary spoiled me for my birthday and pretty much bought my whole wish list in Charlotte Russe. What?! I know right!, what a wonderful husband. Most of it of course are shoes and work clothes. Every girl should be happy when you receive shoes and especially clothes. :D

Shoes and the pant
more shoes
 I was thankful for all my presents and the delicious food, but the best part of my birthday was the opportunity to be able to spend it with my husband, brothers and sisters :D  

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  1. sad i missed your bday! but i got to see you the week before so it kind of counts :)